A little bit about me

As a Computer Science student who embarked on a programming journey in 2018, I've honed my skills in both backend and front-end technologies, with a particular passion for backend development. My commitment to selecting the most appropriate programming language for each task has allowed me to become a flexible developer with a diverse skill set. Driven by the desire to apply my skills to innovative and impactful projects, my goal is to be a collaborative and resourceful asset within the tech industry. My continuous learning and growth are evident in my work, as seen in my repositories, and I am always prepared for the next exciting challenge in this ever-evolving field.

Skills & Expertise

Programming Paradigms & Design Principles: OOP, DDD / Clean Architecture, Design Patterns

Languages: JavaScript ( TypeScript ), C++, Python

Back-end: Node.js, Express, Fastify, GraphQL, Prisma, tRPC, Socket.io

Databases: PostgreSQL, mySQL

Testing: Vitest ( unit, integration, e2e ), Cypress

Front-end: React, Next.js, Astro.js, Redux, i18n, React Query, Styled Components, TailwindCSS

Tooling & DevOps: Docker, git, Vite.js, Turborepo, stylelint, eslint, prettier, pino logger, docker-compose, postman, VS Code debugger, test coverage, DI/IoC inversify